The best of both Worlds

With the combination of physical contact with the people actually present at your event plus a content broadcast service and One-to-One video meetings with remote participants, you can cover the largest possible share of your market.

Keep your event
safe and secure

Maintain social distancing, preserve your stand and Online Pass business model, overcome obstacles such as strikes, bad weather and healthcare crises and more: Hybrid events are the perfect model for today’s business world, which simultaneously allow you to reduce the social, climate and sanitary impact of your event. Turn your classic meeting into a fully safe and secure Hybrid event using Vimeet, the most comprehensive and robust technology on the market.

Convert new leads

By comparing the statistics of over 1,000 Hybrid, physical and online events on Vimeet, we can assert with confidence that 80% of the online participants at our hybrid events are new leads who have never been to a physical event, or decision-makers who wouldn’t have been able to attend in person to the face-to-face event. Year after year, an average of 35% of the online participants are coming back for another successful journey of networking with the game-changers of the Industry.
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Increase your
market share

You can configure the hybrid format to suit your specific needs. For example, you can offer online participation solely to specific geographic areas or business sectors who don’t normally attend your physical events. Thanks to the hybridisation of physical events with Vimeet, almost all of these events since 2012 have successfully become hybrids.



Annual Clients

Annual Conferences

Innovations per month

12 million
Meetings organized

10 million
Decision-makers connected
to our services

Our experience is a guarantee of success

With many years’ experience in organizing One-to-One physical, hybrid and online events, we have all the skills necessary (marketing, business, technical and more) for your event, plus essential guidance and support for your community growth and management strategy. As the leader in One-to-One events, we have the experience and business logic required to support you. Indeed, you’ll benefit from the lowest no-show level on the market, and the highest quality satisfaction level in existence.
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