A PREMIUM Lead Factory

Using the best SaaS platform is fine, however, what is most important, is to meet your objectives in terms of volume, turnover and quality. This is why we’re offering you access to the best business platform on the market, dedicated to PREMIUM decision-makers.

Search, Target
and Seal the Deal

Allow us to mobilize part of your community by activating our premium resources: our team of 40 specialists multilingual sales managers are on call to make your project a success.

  • We’ll use our low-cost in-house resources to find and set up your databases
  • Leads are detected and generated using mid-range in-house resources
  • Telemarketing, telesales, prospection, conversion and definitive integration, plus client tracking via our One-to-One and community conversion specialists (exhibitors, sponsors, top buyers, investors, start-ups and more).

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Track and Manage your PROXIMUM365 sales team in real time

Our team will work for you, using the integrated CRM in the Vimeet back office which allows you to:
  • See, in real time, their calls, post-call comments, scheduled call-back dates, evaluation of the end transformation rate for prospects and more.
  • Define the information needed to ascertain your leads (project progress, budget, specific technical information)
  • Interact with each of them using an in-house messaging service, allowing you to annotate their comments for the next call or give them useful information.
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Access and use
our community networks

PROXIMUM 365 has a proprietary database (separate from our organizer clients’ communities, which we do not have access to) of 3.5 million identified global decision-makers.

30% of this PROXIMUM365 database is double opt-in and can be used to generate targeted leads for your actions. Our double opt-in community is growing by 8% every year, as a share of our total.
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Annual Clients

Annual Conferences

Innovations per month

12 million
Meetings organized

10 million
Decision-makers connected
to our services

Our Quality Charters
in the service of transparency

The data you entrust us with belongs to you! Your database is clustered in a waterproof table and will never be used by anyone but you. Our ESA Supplier status obliges us to comply with the strictest security rules, far beyond GDPR compliance.

Concerning the commercial actions carried out on your behalf, you have a live management, visibility of the calls made, a qualification result and a comment in real time via the SaaS CRM integrated to your privatized backoffice.
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