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We help you move from an ephemeral event experience to a year-round community outreach strategy.


We are the world leader in targeted lead generation, bringing our clients more than 2,000,000 leads every year. For more than two decades, we’ve been helping them move from single, one-off events to a sustainable community management strategy on Vimeet, the world’s leading All-in-One community management platform.

Choose from our business, communication, logistics and marketing resources according to your own needs and imperatives. Let us take the load, while you focus on your core project.

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Energize your community and keep your base active with a series of additional, fully targeted formats :

  • Trade shows
  • business conventions
  • online meeting events
  • job forums
  • corporate conventions
  • webinars
  • training sessions
  • VIP dinners
  • contact platforms and content sharing platforms

You don’t always have to leave the office for your first meeting, even if you want it to be meticulously planned and prepared.
‍ However, once you’ve established an identified (and identifiable) community, it’s crucial that you meet them in person at least once a year. You’re providing an augmented experience for your community, and you need to be there to answer their legitimate, business questions.
‍ The world has changed, and multi-channel community management strategies are the new normal.

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Our ambition? Organize 50% of our 1,500,000 annual videoconference meetings in 2021.
Our Vimeet server infrastructure is carbon neutral:
We produce at least as much electricity from renewable energies as we consume on our Online, Hybrid and physical platforms.


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